Racket Sales & Stringing

Racket Stringing

Getting optimum performance from a racket is something LYT strives for. We can help with selecting the right string and tension for your type of play. Then using a top-end Babolat stringing machine we can provide a re-string of true quality and accuracy.

Simon is UKRSA qualified and has been stringing for 15 years.

Stock strings 2020

Babolat Synthetic Gut
(Colour – Natural). Durability and Performance OK. Popular option for many players – £19

Babolat Xcel
(Colour – Black). A powerful string that feels good. The extra comfort provided is good with arm injuries – £26

Babolat RPM Hurricane
(Colour – Yellow). Highly durable and best for regular string breakers – £24

Babolat RPM Team
(Colour – Black). Good durability and helps with generating spin – £24

Head Lynx
Recommended for those moving from a softer to more durable string – £25

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Soft
Really packs some power. This is the comfortable version of the Tour favourite –£26

Combination of a durable main string with a softer and better performing cross string – £25

Squash Tecnifibre 305
(Colour – Green). Feels great, comfortable and durable too – £26

Own String
Provide your favourite string and you will only be charged for labour – £14

Other strings – If you have a preference for a particular string then this can be ordered on request.

Bumper strip replacement
Gives protection to the frame of the racket when comes into contact with ground and walls – £15

Grip replacement – £6

Racket Sales

Selecting a suitable racket can be like negotiating a maze and can easily lead to expensive mistakes being made. At LYT we can provide guidance and offer a range of demonstrator rackets. We can price-match or get very close to online retailers.

Simon has a 17 year relationship with Babolat as a Coach Ambassador. Examples from Babolat Range 2020:

Pure Aero Team
As played by Rafa. Big spin generator. Advanced swings and strong physiques needed to get most from it. – £155

Pure Drive Lite
Easy to manoeuvre around. Ideal for a female player who likes a lighter frame or a junior player moving up to a full-size racket – £125

Pure Strike 16×19
Classic style of racket. Suits an all-rounder who puts an emphasis on control – £155

Drive G Lite
Based on the Pure Drive Lite. Ideal for a female player who likes a lighter frame or Junior player moving up to a full-size racket. Comes in 2 colour options – £95

Pulsion 105
Powerful and forgiving. Ideal starter racket – £50

Drive 25
Recommended option for those juniors playing with an orange ball. Manoeuvres well and produces a powerful hit – £42

Babolat Aero Drive tennis racket
Babolat drive tennis racket
Babolat Aero Drive Strike tennis rackets
Babolat strike racket